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Desserts made w/ Love! Try these classic delicacies from the Chef's childhood. Through time he has elevated them and put his own twist on them. Your tastebuds will enjoy!

Dessert Menu:

Have something sweet!

Chef Chuey's Flan

Voted San Diego's #1 Flan! If you like Flan, you will love this one! If you don't like Flan, you will love this one! This will change your mind! Top selling dessert.

Chocolate Dulce De Leche Cupcakes

Delicious Moist Chocolate Cake topped w/ whipped cream, Dulce de Leche, and Mexican Chocolate!

Banana Cream Pie Cups

Delicious! Inspired by Mom's Classic Bannana Cream Pie! Double layered and topped w/ homemade whip cream, toasted walnuts, and a banana chip.

Arroz Con Leche

Mexican style Rice-Pudding, Topped w/ whipped cream and Candied-Walnut Cinnamon Dust!

Empanadas Dulce

Choice of: Caramel-Apple, Peach, Guava, or Guava Queso

Tamal Dulce

Choice of: Strawberry, Pina, Apple, & Chocolate

Homestyle Cookies

Chef Choice Assortment of Cookies served on a Platter

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