Paradise Creations SD 
"Baja-Island Cuisine"

-Food Made To Be Different! We create quality food, service, atmosphere, & unforgettable memories for all special events, parties, occasions, and any other place good food and service is needed! Where people want great food, we will go! Events, Parties, Holiday Events, Community events, Corporate Lunch-Ins, All! Let us know of any events coming up or people that may want to eat good food and try something new. Contact us by Email, phone, or text message to set up an appointment, event, party, or food sampling.
Island-Pig w/ Pineapple Salsa and Steamed Jasmine Rice
Cooking Salsa-Ranchero

          Who We are:

-We are Paradise Creations SD, “Baja-Island Cuisine”, Created by Local and Known Chef Chuey Dominguez, Former Chef of Fred’s Mexican Café, Old Town San Diego and Carmen Dominguez, Former Restaurant Manager and now Events/Promotions Manager of Paradise Creations SD. Both were born and raised in San Diego, California and have been part of the Culinary World throughout San Diego for almost 20 years. After working for others for so long, PCSD was created to show everyone…, “A New Way of Living”, and inspire everyone to, “Always Try Something New!” The Baja-Island Food Infusions of Paradise Creations SD are created by Chef Chuey Dominguez and Carmen Dominguez, inspired by some of their favorite culinary cuisines from the Baja, California region and Island tastes from around the World. We believe in treating our customers, clients, staff, & world like family because that is the way it needs to be. We give all glory to God, who created this beautiful world, with great tasting food, and beautiful people who love the great tasting food we create. Thank you God for making all the things possible!

  Our Purpose:

-The purpose of Paradise Creation SD started with the passion, motivation, & desire for the world to see something new, eat something different, get people together, and create new memories through our food! With the help of everyone who loves good food, the people of San Diego, and the world, we hope to grow and show everyone that from one creation anything is possible! Dreams can come true!

Chef Chuey Dominguez Cooking @ 20 Year Church Celebration in Casa De Oro