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Ask Us Anything

Can you cook for gluten-free clients?

Yes! We can cook for Gluten-Free clients. Some of our current menu items are Gluten-Free. Please contact for more details.

I’m a total dud in the kitchen. Do you lead cooking workshops?

We have over 23 years cooking experience with cultural ethnic cuisines and can accomodate cooking workshops. Any cooking workshops or classes need to be set-up at least 1 month prior to the event. Please contact for more details.

Do you have a vegan menu?

We do have Vegan options. We believe in using organic, natural, and healthy ingredients. We work with our clients to ensure dietary restrictions and food expectations are met to fit Vegan life styles.

Are you located only in San Diego?

Currently we serve all throughout the San Diego County area. We do not deliver or cater outside of San Diego County. If you are considered to be part of San Diego County we will deliver or cater to you. Delivery fees will apply depending on distance.

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