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Classes Offered

From the greeting you receive when you walk through the door, to the music you hear, to the tools and equipment you use, to the menu you create, to the plate you eat on, to the products you shop for — we strive to provide the ultimate cooking experience for our clients. Let our chefs teach you the secrets to professional cooking.

Food Cooking in Steaming Pots

Kitchen Basics

Whether you are a seasoned cook or just starting to learn the basics, our comprehensive curriculum offers a wide range of classes to challenge all skill levels. Learn how to make inspiring, simple dishes that taste complex and flavorful. All of our students love our Kitchen Basics class and recommend it to all of their friends. Join us and see what the buzz is all about.

Eggs Benedict


Everyone should have a go-to recipe they can cook up in no time and is absolutely delicious. Some of the recipes you’ll learn how to make at our classes include secret recipes that our chefs and teachers love to make for their own families. Learn how to make simple sauces using ingredients in your home, to makng the 5 mother sauces!

Classes: Classes
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